Patrick Kane's Attorney Responds to New Report on Police Investigation

Patrick Kane’s attorney on Wednesday responded to claims made in a recent article by the Buffalo News surrounding an alleged investigation into the Chicago Blackhawks star.

“Don’t believe anything that does not come from personal knowledge,” Paul Cambria wrote via email to NBC Chicago late Wednesday. “Especially some non-witness who spins the truth."

The Buffalo News, citing three unnamed sources, reported that the alleged victim in the case, which the publication claims involves a rape accusation, was at Kane’s home because “she didn’t want her friend to go alone.”

Hamburg police last week confirmed they were investigating an incident that occurred at Kane’s New York home, but officials have not yet said if they are investigating Kane.

For the first time since the case opened, reporters on Wednesday questioned the district attorney in Erie County, New York, about the investigation.

"I am absolutely astounded by how quickly people come to opinions and how they pour concrete so fast without having one single fact," District Attorney Frank Sedita said.

Sedita's office has not yet confirmed any existing investigation.

Kane has not been charged with a crime, but the Buffalo News reported last week that law enforcement sources say Kane is the focus of an investigation into an allegation of rape.

"What happens if that investigation — after I've announced that this person is under investigation — what happens if that investigation clears somebody?" Sedita said. "The point is, that person cannot get their reputation back. That person will always have a cloud over their head."

The remarks come on the same day video game company EA Sports announced it was dropping Kane as a spokesperson for the launch of NHL 16 and pulling him from the cover.

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