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Daley's Son Redeployed by Army



    Daley's Son Redeployed by Army
    Patrick Daley

    Mayor Richard Daley's son, Patrick, has been redeployed by the United States Army, the mayor disclosed Tuesday.

    Patrick Daley, the mayor's second child and only living son, was living and working in Moscow when he got the news.  The mayor did not say where Patrick Daley was stationed.

    "It's a confidential thing he has to do," said Mayor Daley at an afternoon press event. "He doesn't want any major publicity where he is or where he's going.  Like anything else, it's his life, it's not your life. He's not a public official. He's just another son or daughter who has taken this very seriously, and he'll do it."

    Patrick Daley joined the Army reserves six years ago, just months after earning an MBA from the University of Chicago.  He served in the Army's 82nd Airborne Division stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C.

    He was part of a patronage scandal in 2007 after he and his cousin failed to disclose that they'd invested in a sewer company that had been awarded a city contract.  The mayor said he didn't know about his son's involvement in the company.
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