Patient Hits Ambulance Attendant, Flees in Scrubs: Police

Evanston Police are also investigating a string of incidents that may be linked to the patient

Investigators in north suburban Evanston are searching for a man who fled out the back of an ambulance after he allegedly hit an attendant inside the vehicle.

A private ambulance company was transporting Jumal L. Lipscomb, 32, from a hospital in Skokie to Evanston Hospital on Friday at approximately 4:35 p.m. when he struck a female attendant, according to a release from the Evanston Police Department. Authorities say Lipscomb had been making suicidal threats before he was transported.

While at Gross Point Road and Central Street, Lipscomb struck the female ambulance attendant in the face and fled out the back of the ambulance while still wearing hospital scrubs, according to police. The ambulance attendant received an injury to her nose.

Lipscomb, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is described as 5-foot-3-inches tall and weighs approximately 240 pound. He had a black hooded sweatshirt in his personal belongings, which he took with him.

Evanston Police said they are also investigating another string of incidents that may be linked to Lipscomb.

At approximately 5:03 p.m., a resident was sitting in his vehicle in his driveway in the 2400 block of Crawford Avenue when a short, heavy-set man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt knocked on his vehicle window, according to Evanston police.

The resident said that when a police car pulled on to the block the man quickly walked away eastbound on Colfax Street.

At approximately 5:45 p.m., the Evanston Police Department received a report of a robbery that had occurred in the 2400 block of Hastings Avenue.

The victim, an 85 year old woman, told police that at about 5 p.m. she was unloading groceries from the trunk of her vehicle in front of her residence.

The woman said she felt something hit the back of her head, knocking her down and knocking the groceries out of her hand, according to police. The victim did not see anyone and initially thought that the trunk had shut on her.

The woman realized her purse that was around her arm at the time of the incident had gone missing, according to investigators.

The woman was transported to Evanston Hospital where she is in stable condition.

Evanston police have not confirmed that the robbery was related to Lipscomb.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Evanston Police Department at (847) 866-5000.

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