Parents of Slain Children Help CPD With Unsolved Murders

A group of parents who have lost children to gun violence in Chicago is working to help Chicago police work unsolved murder cases.

Patricia Porter’s son Robert was gunned down behind a home on the 6700 block of South Green.

"Eleven times they shot my son while he was in the van," she said Friday. "You try to make a living, you try to do the right thing. And you get caught up in the violence of Chicago."

Now Porter is back, with other mothers who have lost children to gun violence, working with Chicago police detectives by going door to door and passing out flyers. They are looking for any information that can close the case on unsolved crimes.

Pam Bosley is the founder of Purpose Over Pain, a parent advocacy group that works for stricter gun control legislation.

"We don’t want to continue to talk about about what police are not doing," she said. "We want to work together and collaborate with detectives to get these cases solved."

Now these women are leaning on each other, looking for answers that can help ease their pain.

"It’s a void," Porter said. "In our hears and our family. He was a mentor to our family and the neighborhood and the kids in the neighborhood."

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