The Emery Board: Luke Kuechler

Dear Bears GM Phil Emery,

Last year, we made a few suggestions for Jerry Angelo on who we thought he should draft. We thought it would be a good idea for him to draft Gabe Carimi. OK. We jumped up and down and shouted quite loudly, insisting he draft Carimi. It worked. You probably found bookmarks to Grizzly Detail on Jerry's old computer.

Since you're new here, we wanted to try a kinder, gentler approach. Pardon me, Phil? Would you mind taking a look at Luke Kuechler?

He's a linebacker from Boston College. Before you say, "What about Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher?" remember their age. Remember that he could fill in nicely at strong side then move over when Brian Urlacher retires. In the meantime, Kuechler is developed enough to play now, but will learn plenty from playing next to two Pro Bowl linebackers.

Kuechler won the Butkus Award for being the league's best linebacker. He led the nation and tackles and had three interceptions. Scouts have been impressed by his smarts and speed.

Yes, Phil, we know. He may not be around by the 19th pick. But drafts are funny things, Phil. After years of scouting, you know this. They never turn out just as you expect. Think Luke, Phil. The Force may bring him to Chicago.

OK, we're sorry, Phil. That was cheesy. But seriously, Kuechler can be a difference-maker on defense.

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