Paramedics Help Deliver Baby at Suburban Home

Two suburban parents were very thankful after a 911 operator and paramedics helped them deliver their baby at their Park Ridge home.

Red Center Alarm Center Marc Quattrocchi received an unexpected 911 phone call Thursday around 1 p.m. 

“I got to the proper questioning, the cord is around the baby’s neck,” Quattrocchi said.

Just as Quattrocchi helped the baby’s father remove the cord, Park Ridge fire paramedics arrived, but were faced with a new problem; the baby was not breathing.

“We had to do everything we can in a matter of seconds to get that child breathing again,” Bill Smaha of the Park Ridge Fire Department said.

Their training quickly kicked in, and they brought the baby back to life.

“We heard this soft little cry from the baby, and her eyes opened up and she regained color greatly and there was a little bit of a sigh of relief,” Chris Cleary of the Park Ridge Fire Department said.

An ambulance rushed the little girl and her parents to the hospital, where the mom and dad expressed their gratitude for these quick thinking first responders.

“The team showed up right there on time when the baby was out,” father Rusi Ivanova said.

“As a family we are very grateful that we had such a good response by the fire department, everybody was great,” mother Ivelina Ivanova said.

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