Palin Dishes on Levi

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Oprah Winfrey may have solved one of the biggest family crises facing the nation today: reconciling Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston.

Oprah asked the former Alaska Governor what she thought about asking the father of her daughter’s child, Tripp, over for the Turkey holiday.

Palin, who's lately warred with Johnston over everything from Palin’s mentally disabled son Trig to Johnston’s Playgirl poses, said she'd consider it.

"It's lovely to think he would ever consider such a thing,” Palin said to Oprah in clips released from their landmark interview.  “Because of course, he is a part of the family. And you want to bring him into the fold, and kind of under your wing.

“And he has the most beautiful child. This can all work out for good, it really can.  We don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time.”

Oprah pressed for a yes or a no, but, the astute politician that she is, Palin wiggled out of an answer, much like she did for many questions during her now infamous interview Katie Couric.

Oprah asked Palin about that, too. Winfrey wanted to know  if the Katie interview was a defining moment for Palin, and surprisingly the former vice presidential candidate opened up. 

"I did not [think it was a defining moment] and neither did the campaign,” Palin said. “That is why segment two and three and four, and maybe five, was (sic) scheduled.  The campaign said, 'Right on. Good, you're showing your independence.  This is what
America needs to see, and it was a good interview.’”

“Of course, I'm thinking, 'If you thought that was a good interview, I don't know what a
bad interview was,' because I knew it wasn't a good interview."

Up until now Palin has not conceded that the interview went badly.

The rest of the interview with Sarah Palin airs Monday.

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