Chicago Police

Package Thief Caught on Camera in Bucktown, Residents Say

Consumers can feel helpless this time of year when their online shopping leads to disappointment due to package thefts off front porches.

Chicago police released some preventative tips Wednesday--even as a Bucktown thief struck again.

“Everyone’s busy for the holidays, and deliveries are very rushed, and packages are left outside of the door," says resident Juan Tellez. "It almost facilitated stuff getting ripped off."

A couple who live near Artesian and North sent NBC 5 video of a parcel taken from their stoop. In the stolen package? A new alarm system. Police say these are crimes of opportunity.

Their main piece of advice?

"Install a smart security camera at the front door," said Jeanine McAllister of the Chicago Police Department. "Number two: Get a tracking number, and try to be at home at the time of delivery.”

Roseanne Gary, a Bucktown resident, says you have to be home these days.

"UPS and FedEx no longer require signatures, they throw your stuff over the gate,” she said.

Another tip is asking that the delivery be placed out of sight or having the item delivered to your office. The key is not letting that parcel sit out.

Finally, police say you should take advantage of secure storage option, like Amazon lockers around town or use FedEx or ups pick up sites.

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