Chicago Restaurant Named One of the Best in the Country

A Chicago restaurant has just been named one of the best new restaurants in America, according to a report.

Eater dubbed Pacific Standard Time, located in the city's River North neighborhood, one of the best establishments to open across the country in the last year.

In its ranking released Wednesday, the culinary publication named the top 18 restaurants in the U.S. where chefs "stand out" through hospitality, as well as ingenuity and individuality.

One of just two Midwest spots to snag a place on the list, Pacific Standard Time, located at 141 W. Erie St., made the cut thanks to chef Erling Wu-Bower's his "proven repertoire" merging with a "West Coast ethos."

Eater's national critic noted that the chef - of Nico Osteria fame - is "informed by a freethinking multiculturalism rather than an adherence to any one cuisine."

The publication called the Pacific Standard Time's two-course duck entree a "showstopper" and made special mention of pastry chef Natalie Saben's "feel-good desserts" to finish the meal.

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