Owners of Viral ‘Stranger Things' Home to Announce ‘Final Verdict' on Future

The closures stemmed from an issue with a neighbor, who the homeowners said began "threatening families and patrons with a baseball bat"

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The owners of the viral "Stranger Things" home in a western Chicago suburb are planning to announce a verdict on whether they will stay open for the Halloween season following an incident with a neighbor that nearly forced them to close.

The couple attended a meeting at City Hall Wednesday discussing the fate of their popular set after days of closures.

An announcement on the results of that meeting is expected at 7 p.m. CT.

The closures stemmed from an issue with a neighbor, who the homeowners said began "threatening families and patrons with a baseball bat."

The family wrote that their neighbor called police over safety concerns and, despite conversations, "a healthy middle ground safe for our community was unattainable."

"They were away for the whole weekend and returned home and in that 30 mins time window this all had to stop," HorrorProps wrote on Facebook. "We are so so so so so sorry to everyone, the families, the community the kids... we are devastated beyond all reason. Truly and utterly devastated. We put our lives into this Haunt. All of our time and money. It hurts. Bad. Thank you for the incredible support."

They ultimately closed their display early on Sunday, one day after they officially opened, and remained closed so far this week, though they hinted that a reopening could be in store.

"We are not going to let 1 crazy neighbor ruin the fun for the amazing families and Stranger Things fans who have visited," a statement from the homeowners read Monday.

In a message to NBC Chicago, the homeowners said they will "remain closed until further notice" at the recommendation of local police.

"[We] have to be sure that as the days grow closer to Halloween and the crowds grow larger, we can invite people out and not have to worry about one crazy neighbor. We've adjusted our new potential 'viewing hours' and will be at city hall Wednesday to ensure this doesn't happen again," they said. "We want to do something fun for the community while at the same time we do not want to also make it a living hell for everyone else."

Social media can’t get enough of the epic “Stranger Things”-themed décor spotted in the Chicago suburb.

Homeowners Dave and Aubrey have been putting together this year's décor for months, but it wasn't until their TikTok showing a floating Max Mayfield in the middle of their driveway that things really started to take off.

The show-inspired display shows "Stranger Things" character Max Mayfield floating above their driveway, surrounded by various elements from the Upside Down.

Beyond that, they also set up a part of their yard dedicated to "pop culture horror" films.

"We don't just have 'Stranger Things.' We have killer clowns, pennywise, pet cemeteries, we have Alien, we have Predator... references," Dave told NBC Chicago in a recent interview. "And the people can pick them out and call them out - that's amazing. So much fun... because we hide them. We love Easter eggs and horror movies and all that stuff. So our one side of our yard is all 'Stranger Things,' the other side is every pop culture horror film that we basically could fit in there that looks peaceful."

"We do this for no money," Dave said. "It's for free. It's just for kids. It's for adults who want to see something different, who want their walks to be, you know, more entertaining."

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