Overcoming Stroger

May become easier

It's harder to override a veto by the president of the Cook County Board than it is to override a veto by the president of the United States.

Some state lawmakers are trying to change that.

"[A] measure, approved Wednesday by the Illinois Senate, reduces the number of commissioners needed to override a veto to three-fifths from four-fifths," the Daily Herald reports.

"A four-fifths requirement is almost unheard of in American government. The U.S. Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in Congress to override a president's veto. In Springfield, state lawmakers only need a three-fifths majority to override a governor's veto."

The plan passed the state House unanimously, 57-0, but state Sens. Kwame Raoul and Martin Sandoval merely voted "present."

Getting the change through the state Senate will be tougher because Stroger still has some allies there, but the measure would impact whoever is the next Cook County Board president - be it Stroger, who recently announced he would run for re-election - or someone else.

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