Ousted Madigan Chief of Staff Finds New Job in Springfield

Mapes was let go in June after allegations of harassment and bullying

Tim Mapes, who was ousted as Speaker Mike Madigan’s Chief of Staff earlier this year, has landed a new job in the state capital.

Mapes, who served as clerk of the Illinois House of Representatives and as  Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois, was let go in June after a female employee in the Speaker’s office levied harassment and bullying allegations against him.

While Mapes was fired in the midst of Springfield’s #MeToo crisis, he has rebounded to a new position as a consultant. 

NBC 5 has learned Mapes has been hired as a Principal Consultant for On Point Consultants, and he was spotted this week at the State Capitol during the veto session.

While he was removed from his powerful positions tied to Speaker Madigan, political observers note Mapes will now be allowed to use those same connections and resources that he acquired after years of experience to help get things done in Springfield for his clients.   

Mapes told NBC 5 he was not commenting on his new position.

Sherri Garrett, the female employee who came forward with sexual harassment allegations against Mapes in June, said she was "alarmed" to learn of his new position. 

"Men who have been serially abusive in the workplace should not be able to simply take on a new job--in this case, ‘consulting’--and reenter that same workplace," she said in a statement. "Now, no longer a government employee, Mr. Mapes has even less accountability than he did before. He answers to no one."

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