“Death Trap” Intersection Won't Get Additional Signage

Three teens died Tuesday at Schlapp Road and Route 126, near Oswego

An intersection those in the neighborhood call a "death trap" won't be getting any additional signage.

Department of Transportation officials were at the intersection of Schlapp Road and State Route 126 on Tuesday and said all appropriate signage already existed.

Three teens died a day earlier when the car they were in was hit by a tractor trailer. Authorities say the teen driver made a split-second decision and pulled out in front of the truck.

Nearby residents say Schlapp and SR 126 near Oswego is an extremely dangerous intersection, with cars often misjudging just how fast traffic moves along Route 126.

"It is the most unsafe intersection I've ever seen in my life," said Sandy Diller, who lives nearby.

But officials disagree.

Between 2009 and 2011, there were nine accidents at the intersection, but no fatalities dating back through 2001, as far as records go back.


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