Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Giving Surprise Pick-Ups For Free Through Lyft This Week

Looking to ride in a 27-foot long hot dog around Chicago?

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is giving riders a chance to cruise through the city for free using the Lyft rideshare app, according to a release.

From Wednesday through Friday, riders could be surprised when ordering a Lyft XL with the iconic "Hot Dog on Wheels" as the ride.

The Wienermobile will pick up passengers in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta for the upcoming three days. While inside, the ride will have music, lights and free Wienermobile and Lyft gear, as well as face coverings.

“We’re excited to hit the road with Oscar Mayer and surprise our riders with aonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate summer from inside the world-famous Wienermobile,"  said Ethan Eyler, Director ofBrand Products at Lyft.

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