Oscar Mayer Selling T-Shirts to Support ‘Move Over Law' After Wienermobile Pulled Over

All of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will be donated to the National Road Safety Foundation

Waukesha County Sheriff's Dept.

Oscar Mayer seems to be relishing from its recent viral surge after a Wienermobile was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy in southeastern Wisconsin.

As a result of the incident, Oscar Mayer has decided to sell a limited edition "Road Hog" t-shirt.

A sheriff's deputy in Waukesha County had pulled the Wienermobile over for violating the state's "Move Over Law." The law requires drivers to change lanes when approaching stationary emergency vehicles, or if they're not able to, to reduce their speed.

Deputies let the driver off with a verbal warning, but posted on Facebook to remind drivers of the law. Oscar Mayer said it hopes to raise awareness of the "Move Over Law" through the t-shirt sales, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Road Safety Foundation.

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