Orthopedic in Knee Deep for Fixing Wrong Leg

Man sues doctors after they started surgery on wrong knee

This adds a whole new meaning to taking a knee.

A Chicago-area man claims doctors performed surgery on the wrong body part and he wants $50,000 for the error.

[Name Redacted] filed suit Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court against doctors and Orthopaedic Associates of Riverside claiming they “surgically invaded” the wrong knee during surgery. 

In May of last year, he was admitted to MacNeal Hosptial in Berwyn for simple surgery on his right knee, but the doctors got it wrong and opened up his left one.

After realizing it was the wrong knee, they removed the surgical instruments, stitched back up the incisions on his left knee and then continued to operate on his right knee.

The mistake left  his left knee with damage.

His suit alleges the docs should have known it was the right knee they were to perform the surgery on and that they failed to ensure surgery would not be performed on the wrong body part.

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