Orland Park

Orland Park Police to Step Up Presence Ahead of Election Day

Officials in suburban Orland Park say residents will see an increased police presence throughout the community as Election Day approaches.

In a press release, officials sought to “reassure residents” that preparations are underway for any potential issues in the coming days.

One of the strategies put in place will involve Orland Square Mall, with management at the location requesting that entrances and exits will be restricted to “better manage the flow of traffic,” according to the release.

In addition, increased police presence will be employed in the coming days, according to the department.

“From the outset of this year’s civil unrest, the Orland Park Police Department has been proactive in protecting the community and will continue to remain vigilant,” the village said in a statement. “Residents should feel confident knowing that the police department is taking measures to ensure safety during and after the elections.”

Police officials say there is no “actionable intelligence” in terms of civil unrest, but said they will continue to monitor the situation as voting concludes in the coming days.

In late May, Orland Square Mall was closed for several days after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, with multiple arrests reported during unrest in the village.

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