Orland Park Cops Release Footage From Drone-Assisted Arrests

Orland Park police released video footage Tuesday of their drone assisting officers to catch a wanted fugitive--but it's not the only time the high-flying technology has aided cops in a capture.

Officers in the suburb began using a drone in 2016 and they say now it’s helped them capture two suspects in less than a week:

Drone video shows police searching Orland Park for a wanted armed fugitive on the loose back on April 30.

After police located him--he escaped again.

The drone followed the suspect who took off across a busy street as officers tried to chase him down.

Drivers were forced to hit the brakes as the suspect runs past them and then around parked cars into a business parking lot.

Officers eventually caught up to him and cuffed him.

That suspected armed fugitive was first wanted by police in Chicago. He’s not the only one Orland Park police caught on camera with their drone. Officers have deployed their drone 25 times--including just two weeks ago to track down and locate a man on the run.

On May 6, police couldn’t find a driver who crashed and ran away from officers until they sent up their drone and found him hiding in a field in Will County.

Sheriff’s police closed in and took him into custody.

Other jurisdictions have asked Orland Park police to deploy their drone five other times as they searched for missing subjects.

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