Oprah Won't Endorse Obama in 2012

Says she doesn't need to because she supports him 100%

She stumped for him in 2008.

She cried at his election night party in Grant Park.

But in 2012, Oprah will not publicly endorse Barack Obama for his reelection bid -- unless the White House really, really needs her. 

The talk-show-queen-turned-network-mogul said she doesn't need to endorse Obama because she 100% supports him. She said as much during an interview with CNN.

"I don't need to endorse him because I am a 100% supporter him of and I've already endorsed him. And I've already, you know -- everybody always asks me 'Are you going to do what you did in 2008?' What I did in 2008, I did because people really didn't know -- my friends didn't even know who he was at the time," Oprah Winfrey told CNN.

"They were like 'Who's this guy? You think that guy's going to be president?' I go 'Yeah, I really do,'"

"So, I was happy to step up and do what I felt was a public service because I so believed in him and I still do," she said.

"Oh, absolutely not," Oprah said when asked if not endorsing Obama in public is a sign of disappointment.

"No, I don't think it's necessary because my endorsement is that I am a 100% supporter of him. And if he or his office called me tomorrow and said that they needed me I would do whatever I thought would be of service," she said.

During the 2008 cycle, Oprah went all-in on helping her pal from Chicago win election, and some speculated that the political support hurt her ratings.

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