Oprah Taking Audience Down Under, with Travolta at Controls

Oprah kicks off season 25 with a surprise trip for audience members.

Oprah Winfrey kicked off her farewell Season in true Oprah fashion by surprising her audience with a big gift: She will be taking all 300 audience members on a trip down under to Australia

"We're...going...to...AUSTRALIA!!!!" Oprah announced to a shrieking crowd as confetti fell and her set was transformed into a mini airport, complete with a plane and worker with glow sticks to guide it on to the set. 

But that was not the end of the surprises for the audience. 

"Let's say hello again to captain (John) Travolta," Oprah said, as she introduced the celebrity pilot of their trip. Travolta is a licensed Quantas Airline pilot and has been helping Oprah plan the trip for over a year.

In addition to an 8-day excursion through the outback with a celebrity pilot, each member of the audience received a new smartphone.  It's guaranteed to make the top 10 moments on the Oprah Show.

The TV Talk Show Queen is in her 25th season and last season taping in the Windy City.  Last year Oprah closed down Michigan Ave for the kick off of her 24th season

Her most memorable giveaway was the kickoff for her 19th season, where each member of the audience received a car.

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