Oprah Drives Danes Crazy!

"We just love Oprah here"

Oprah Winfrey is an international celebrity.

So it’s difficult for her to slip quietly in and out of places.

Copenhagen is no different.

The daytime talk queen caused a near panic on one of Copenhagen’s busiest shopping streets, Stroget, when she went shopping – camera crew in tow, of course.

Danish cries of  “Oprah, Oprah” could be heard along the cobblestoned thoroughfare, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Oprah’s doubling up on her Denmark visit. She’s there to help sell the Olympic Games and to get a couple of talk show segments out of the deal.

Her Danish fans are just happy she’s there.

"We just love Oprah here," Annette Lund, a beauty supply distributor who was among the throng gathered around, told a Tribune reporeter "I watch her every day."

Later on tonight Oprah, along with Michelle Obama and the rest of the Olympic delegation, will attend a dinner intended to honor all the folks who made the overseas trip to support the bid.

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