‘Operation Wake Up' Rally Hopes to End Senseless Violence in Chicago

"We need you all...we have to stop this senseless violence," CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson stated

A rally against violence took place Tuesday evening just three days after children and revelers were shot at baby shower in West Englewood.

"That’s not normal and we cannot allow that to become normal for our children," said CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson.

Community leaders and its members hoped to send a strong message with 'Operation Wake Up' rally against violence at the 6400 block of South Seeley Ave.

"What happened the other day is not who we are as a city, is not what Englewood is about and you need to make sure people know that kids know sound of laughter and not the sound of gunfire," expressed Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Victims’ loved ones watched from their nearby porch, while a few dozen gathered at their corner for the rally. One woman broke off to speak with the mayor and superintendent but lashed out at press, and those watching.

Joseph Coles says he knows pain and suffering because his daughter, a US postal service worker, Kierra Coles, went missing six months ago.

"This stuff shouldn't’ be happening," he said. "I’m right down the street with my grand kids...this happened on Saturday when I just left from there bringing them out on their bikes."

"The police can't do this alone," Johnson stated. "We need you all...we have to stop this senseless violence."

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