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Man Calls 911 About "Stolen" Cocaine



    Fitzgerald says busts like these are important. (Published Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010)

    Suppose you're a drug dealer.  And suppose you're driving down the road with a kilo of cocaine in your car and then get pulled over.  While you're away from your car talking to police, the drugs get taken from your car.

    Would you call 911 to report the theft?

    That's what Steven Dragon did, according to a federal complaint unsealed Thursday that details an undercover sting operation targeting the Two-Six street gang.

    According to prosecutors, Dragon was driving a car that was under surveillance and was pulled over on January 14 near Broadway and Belmont.  While Dragon was away from his vehicle talking to a police officer, another detective searched Dragon's car, found the drugs and confiscated them. 

    When Dragon got back to his car and realized the cocaine was missing, he fired off a profanity-laced tirade with a 911 dispatcher while "running and pacing in the area in a frantic manner while appearing to talk on his cellular phone," the complaint said.

    "When the cops took me down the street to get okay'ed, my car got f****** robbed."
    "The police had you and someone broke into your car and took your keys? " the dispatcher tried to clarify.
    "Yeah.  The police had me.... and when they had me somebody f***** me over."

    After hanging up with the dispatcher, Dragon placed another call to a friend, authorities said.
    "I’m f***ing sick to my stomach, bro. I’m f***ing crying, bro. I’m f***ing throwing up, dude. I’m f***ed," he said.

    That friend, 31-year-old Michael Vaca, tried to make Dragon look on the bright side.

    "You could have went to jail for it.  But that's f****** crazy," Vaca said.

    Federal authorities working with Chicago police said they've arrested 22 members of a West Side street gang accused of selling large quantities of drugs and weapons.