Four Suburban Officials Busted in Corruption Probe

One set up a sham company to receive payments from district

A group of suburban public servants were arrested Tuesday in a corruption probe looking allegations they profited from their positions.

At least one of the men busted in “Operation Cookie Jar,” a former treasurer for a suburban park district, set up a company in which he made payments to himself.

"The problem of corruption imposes a hidden cost on the hard working taxpayer of this county," said Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez in announcing the arrests.

The four men arrested on charges of theft of government property or official misconduct include:

Donald Jacobs, 62, the aforementioned treasurer of Posen Park District.

Martin Boyd, 62, a former village accountant for Harwood Heights.

Robert Baldwin, 67, former director of fiscal services for the Niles Township District for Special Education.

Michael Tracy, 48, of Tinley park, a former director of the Southwest Bar Association.

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