Tickets to the Olympics Will Be Pricey

Got $1,800 to spare, anyone?

Whoever said the Olympics wouldn't cost Chicagoans a dime didn't consider getting tickets to the opening ceremony.
The going rate for a seat at 2016 Games kick-off gala -- if Chicago lands the games --- is almost $1,800. 

Ok, ok. It's $1,645 before taxes and around $1,793 when taxes are figured in, according to the Sun Times.
The hefty ticket charge is expected to help balance the cost of the estimated $64 million price tag of the potential opening event, according to a Civic Federation report cited by the Sun Times.  This report, which details a variety of Chicago 2016 costs and salaries figures, also bumps up a recent opening ceremonies ticket estimate by a few hundred dollars.
That earlier estimate, which came out only in February and was suggested by the Chicago 2016 bid team itself, pegged the ticket price closer to $1,200 per ticket.  But even that sizeable amount appears to not be an option anymore for fans hoping to attend the event without possibly breaking the bank.
For anyone who's worried about ballooning costs of the event, please don't forget the Chicago Olympics opening ceremonies are still just under seven years away -- not to mention they're also fictional.
Whether or not the estimated ticket price will continue to go up when the 2016 Summer Olympics get closer is unknown..
The big decision on the 2016 Olympic Games will be announced on October 2 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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