Online conversion tool from Butterball helps you figure out just how much food you need for Thanksgiving


For those having trouble figuring out just how much food will be needed for family and friends this Thanksgiving, an online conversion tool aims to help solve the holiday dilemma.

Butterball, one of America's most recognizable turkey brands, features a conversion tool on their website that helps families figure out how much food they need based on how much their family eats, a desire for leftovers as well as the amount of adults and children attending.

In addition to help planning portions of the right size to families, you can also figure out how long to thaw and cook your turkey, depending on how large it is and if the turkey was purchased fresh or frozen.

The tool will tell you how much turkey and stuffing will be needed for your feast, in addition to how long your turkey will need to thaw and cook.

For example, five pounds of turkey will require 30 hours of thawing in the refrigerator and two hours of thawing under cold water.

With stuffing, five pounds of turkey will take between two hours and two hours and 45 minutes to cook, while five pounds of turkey without stuffing will take between 90 and 135 minutes in the oven before being ready.

More on how to plan your Thanksgiving meal can be found here.

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