Video Chats Offer Way to Hire More Efficiently

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The New York Times' small-business blog recently spotlighted a service aimed at cutting down on the time-sucks inherent with filling new positions. We've been hearing a lot about bad unemployment has been, but the process to correcting that -- filling jobs -- can also be very cumbersome and a drain on a company's resources.

It takes time, schedule finagling, and a couple of meetings just to pick which candidate is the best fit for a position. More so if you're considering international applicants. If you're running a new small business, you simply don't have the bandwidth to spare on sit-down after sit-down.

That's why ZuzuHire, which is still in beta, seems worth trying out -- at least for preliminary interviews. It allows employers to upload custom-made interviews consisting of video, voice, essay, or multiple-choice questions. The greatest emphasis on ZuzuHire's pitch is the video feature, which enables applicants to submit up to three-minute answers to questions. We've seen this sort of technology instituted before on sites like, but its worth for job interviews to reveal what a candidate is really like is invaluable.

Of course, it's also pretty impersonal -- and there's no way of knowing whether candidates are just Googling for all the right buzz words to casually drop into their answers. It should go without saying that the unspoken test of a job interview is how the employer and potential employee get along. That's why Inc. Well thinks ZuzuHire -- which lets employers fill one position for free through its service -- is worth trying out to vet for candidates you'll actually bring in for a face-to-face. (Based on your needs, ZuzuHire's services run from $20 to $200 a month.) It'll save you time by helping you steer clear of folks who use words like "synergy" and "paradigm" but don't know what they mean. 

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