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Top 2016 Bid Salary: $407,000



    Top 2016 Bid Salary: $407,000
    Marcus Riley
    Patrick Ryan may not have lined up enough insurance.

    The top salary paid to a 2016 staffer was $407,000, according to a tax form from the non-profit.

    Former Aon executive David Bolger received a compensation package of $407,557 in his role as chief operating officer, according to Chicago Breaking News, though he voluntarily reduced his salary by 25 percent beginning in February due to the uncertain economy.

    The other top earners, according to Chicago Breaking News, included Douglas Arnot, an Olympics venue expert, $282,166; John Murray, a McKinsey & Co. veteran who was chief of bid operations, $270,096; Richard Ludwig, an Olympics finance expert who served as treasurer, $237,566; and Kevann Cooke, an Aon veteran who was bid secretary and ethics officer, $209,135.

    Patrick Ryan, the 2016 CEO, volunteered.