Charges Dropped in Case of “Stolen” Sunglasses

Honors student Olivia Raymond says she was arrested before she could turn them in

Felony theft charges were dropped Tuesday against a Kane County teen who said she was falsely accused of stealing a teacher's expensive prescription sunglasses.

Olivia Raymond, 13, of Elgin, said she found the sunglasses lying around unprotected.  Not wanting to be late for her next class by taking the time to stop at lost-and-found immediately, she said she put them in her purse with the intention of turning them in later. 

But before she could do so, the honor student was confronted in class by the teacher who "yelled at her [and] embarrassed her in front of the class," her mother, Rochell Raymond, recounted. 

The girl was arrested, accused of felony theft and suspended from school.  The suspension was later revoked and erased from her record.   

The family accused the teacher, Linda Szybeko, of putting the value of the sunglasses before the child.

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