Old Firehouse to be Sold to Chicago Filmmakers

An old Chicago firehouse could soon be a go-to site for city filmmakers.

Under a new plan announced by the city, the firehouse will be sold to the Andersonville nonprofit, Chicago Filmmakers, who will take over and renovate the empty firehouse at 5714 N. Ridge Ave., according to DNAInfo.com.

If the plan is approved by the Chicago Plan Commission and City Council, the 85-year-old firehouse and Chicago landmark will be sold to the organization for $36,000.

The Chicago Filmmakers, which offers independent film screenings, film classes and workshops, and networking events, plans to spend around $600,000 renovating the old building, which has been unoccupied since 2003, DNAInfo.com reported.

The building would be used as a venue for film screenings and hopes to partner with nearby schools, movie festivals and other “experimental” programming.

If approved, construction on the firehouse, could begin by the spring of 2014 and be completed within a year.

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