Daley Proposes Hike in O'Hare Car Rental Fees

$6 - $8 fee proposed

Renting a car at O'Hare could get a little more expensive.

At Chicago's City Council meeting on Wednesday, Mayor Richard Daley revealed a plan to add a $6 to $8 charge on every rental.

The money will help pay for a new $393 million rental car facility at the airport which would house all the rental cars at O'Hare.  Currently, separate car rental buildings exist on the grounds to be used by two new runways to be constructed as part of the O'Hare Moderization Program

Daley also said the single facility would be environmentally-friendly, would ease congestion in the terminal core.  The O'Hare people mover would be extended to the facility and reduce or negate the need for shuttle buses.

The buses "create a lot of environmental issues out there," he said.  "This is a good thing.  We'll be one of the few cities to have an environmentally-friendly rental agency."

The new campus would be located in Parking Lot F, at the southeast corner of Mannheim and Zemke Roads, and include a five-level "elevated parking structure" for "parking and storage of rental vehicles," Fran Spielman reports in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The general counsel for the Department of Aviation, Jonothan Leach, said "considering the structure and the size of it, [the proposed fee is] consistent with what other airports are charging,"


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