Trump's Executive Order Continues to Impact Travelers at O'Hare

A small group of demonstrators remained at O’Hare Monday night showing support for those effected by President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.

Attorneys continued to volunteer their time—waiting to help anyone in need after a weekend that saw more than a dozen travelers detained and more than a thousand demonstrators flooded into Terminal Five.

Nour Ulayyet’s sister, Sahar, was denied entry Saturday when she arrived from Saudi Arabia at O’Hare.

“She was told that she could not get in because of her Syrian passport,” Ulayyet said. “She was not allowed in—as simple as that.”

Sahar is a Syrian citizen living in Saudi Arabia, Ulayyet explained, who was coming to vist her mother who had undergone surgery Friday.

“She really needed to be by her side and unfortunately she was not given that privilege,” Ulayyet said.

The uncertainty for travelers continued Monday. One family from Iran spent three hours in screening before being allowed to proceed.

“It’s not something that you expect,” said Tahniyat Patel, who was arriving in Chicago from Cancun.

A 16-year-old resident of Jordan also arrived at O’Hare Sunday with their parents but was held overnight for additional screening and was ultimately sent back to Jordan Monday night.

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