‘I Feel Terrible': Widow Makes Desperate Plea For Camera Lost at O'Hare Containing Irreplaceable Images of Late Husband

A widow and her two boys were passing through O’Hare International Airport when they left their camera--filled with irreplaceable and sentimental images--at the gate.

It’s what’s on the camera that has the family pleading for its safe return.

Gate C28 here is where the camera was left sitting next to a chair.

Adisa Zec and her two boys were returning home from burying her 41-year-old husband. One of the boys was in charge of carrying the camera--full of videos and photos of their father’s memorial service.

Adisa was too ill to even attend.

"He just put it on the floor where he was sitting next to his backpack," she said. "And they started boarding us and he picked up his backpack and left the camera right there."

It wasn’t until they got home to Indianapolis they realized the camera had been left behind. Adisa immediately called United Airlines and made a post on Facebook pleading for its return.

“It’s hard enough that he’s ... I miss him every moment of my life," she said of her husband. "And on top of that, losing this camera and seeing my son cry everyday ... feeling ... and it’s just an unexplainable feeling, I feel terrible.”

She is holding out hope whoever found the camera will contact her.

Because it’s not about the possession, but the priceless memories--the final memories--she and her boys have of her husband.

“He can keep the camera," she said of whoever might have it. "All we need is the SIM card so we can have that last memory when we said goodbye to him and my kids can have that."

Adisa has filed a claim with United Airlines. The company and O'Hare is aware of the missing camera and doing what they can to help.

She’s also offering a reward of $1,000.

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