Officials Investigating Voting Glitches

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has called on the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office to investigate suspicious robo-calls that caused hundreds of election judges to quit Tuesday morning.

“Somebody called with the intent to create confusion, not to have a smooth running process,” Emanuel said Wednesday.

The state’s attorney’s office said it is investigating the calls, which told judges they needed more training and could not work Election Day unless they voted a certain way in the previous election.

The Chicago Board of Elections said the calls were filled with misinformation and that misinformation contributed to long lines at the polls.

"It had a severe impact," said Neal Langdon, chairman of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners. "Within the last 48 hours we had thousands of judges who resigned or did not show up."

Langdon called it a "malicious act."

“If it was part of an overall voter suppression through the effort of confusion, of sowing confusion, that’s wrong,” Emanuel said. “Somebody must be identified, or the party, and they must be held accountable.”

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