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Details Emerge in Cop Sex Case



    Details Emerge in Cop Sex Case
    Three officers in the 23 District has been relieved of their police powers in connection with allegations that a young woman was sexually assaulted by uniformed officers last month.

    The 22-year-old woman who accused two Chicago police officers of sexually assaulting her admitted to responding officers that she never said "no" to the officers' advances, documents obtained by NBC Chicago reveal.

    A police source with knowledge of the investigation tells NBC Chicago the information may mean that no criminal investigation is warranted, and that the officers may be subjected to only administrative investigations.

    "While there is an administrative investigation underway regarding this alleged incident, the criminal investigation is ongoing by both IAD (Internal Affairs Division) and A3 (Area 3 police).  So to say this is solely an internal, administrative matter is inaccurate," said Lt. Maureen Biggane.

    The department's official incident report confirms much of what has been reported about the alleged March 30 incident: that she was picked up by District 23 officers in a marked police SUV and offered a ride home because she was intoxicated and visibly upset, that she had sex with one of the officers in the police vehicle and that she had sex again with one of the officers at her apartment after they'd spent some time playing strip poker.

    "At some point one of the offenders, she could not remember which, had sex with her in her bed.  She further stated that she was hitting the wall with her hand during sex to get the attention of her neighbors," the document states.

    The woman said she was "intimidated by the officers and was afraid to say no to sex."

    A police source told NBC Chicago that responding officers found an open, half-consumed bottle of Absolut Vodka inside the woman's apartment.  The report said they also found a cell phone that the woman told them belonged to one of the officers.

    The two officers were arrested but no charges have been filed against them.  They've been stripped of their policing powers and they are currently on administrative duty.

    Interim police Supt. Terry Hillard said the actions, if true, could not be justified. 

    Nearly a half-dozen women have reportedly come forward with sexual assault allegations involving the officers.

    Information from the original case incident report (below) has been redacted because no criminal charges have been filed.