Aurora Officer Pulls Over Stolen Car Full of Gifts, Saves Family's Christmas

A police officer prevented a Grinch-like thief from ruining Christmas for one family in Aurora, Illinois.

"'The officer who saved Christmas,'" Officer Jason Sheldon of the Aurora Police Department said. "It's got a nice, fun ring to it, for sure."

Nicole Ross said she was in her house for about five minutes while she kept her car running. In that time, a thief hopped in her car and drove away.

Ross was upset about losing her car, especially with the items left in it: All of the toys on her son's Christmas wish list.

"I had just spent like $200 on Christmas shopping for my son," she said.

But Ross was met with good news when police arrived — her car had been found.

Not far away, Sheldon spotted the car almost immediately. He made a traffic stop and arrested driver, 18-year-old Tandre Felix, who was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

Ross' car was returned with the presents still inside.

"I feel like it's a very rare thing to actually get your car back and I'm just really grateful and blessed that I was able to get my car back," she said.

Police say this should be a reminder to never leave your car running unattended.

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