Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer Saves Boy From Drowning

Sergeant Cindy Guerra was attending a pool party when she rescued the young boy and performed CPR, fire officials said

An off-duty Chicago police officer saved a young boy’s life at a suburban pool party on Saturday, fire officials confirmed.

Emergency personnel from the Orland Fire Protection District responded to a home on Steeplechase Parkway in Orland Park at around 6 p.m. for calls of a young boy drowning, according to a release.

The boy, between the ages of 10 and 12, was in full cardiac arrest, authorities said.

When emergency responders arrived, officials said the boy was conscious and breathing thanks to the quick-thinking actions of a guest at the pool party, who happened to be an off-duty Chicago police officer who had emergency training.

Sergeant Cindy Guerra was attending the family party, fire officials said, and pulled the boy from the bottom of the pool. She then performed CPR, and the boy began breathing again.

“I understand that Ms. Guerra was very humble and was thanking us for being there,” Fire Chief Michael Schofield said. “But she is a real hero and deserves to be honored for her actions today which saved the life of a young boy.”

“The first few minutes in any emergency situation like this are critical to saving a life and having civilians and other professionals at the scene of an emergency trained in health saving procedures will always help make a positive difference,” Schofield added.

The boy was then taken to Silver Cross Hospital for follow-up treatment and observation, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

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