Obama Fave Moving to Riverdale

Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop restaurant breaking ground in suburban town

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Update: The owners of the Dixie Kitchen say the restaurant that is opening in Riverdale has no affiliation with the location that gained national esteem after President Barack Obama featured it on Check Please! The owners of the original Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop would like to make it clear that the new location is a separate entity.

One of President Barack Obama's favorite spots to eat when he was just a state senator roaming the streets of Hyde Park is switching locations.

Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop restaurant is setting up shop in the suburb of Riverdale, at 13100 S. Halsted.

Dixie received a good deal of publicity after a 2001 Check Please! episode surfaced with Obama extolling the virtues of the restaurant, including the Southern Sampler and the peach cobbler.

Dixie will be the first full-scale restaurant to open in the town in nearly 20 years.

Additional Dixie restaurants are located in Evanston and Lansing.

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