Obama Hates Your XBox

Put the controller down, president says

Among the activities responsible adults frown upon -- chewing with your mouth full, running next to the pool, dutch ovening your loved ones -- the most deplorable, surely, is spending every waking hour in front of the TV or with that XBox.

Just ask Obama:

"Don’t spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with that XBox."


The O-Powerful made that remark during his speech to schoolchildren today.

After encouraging the younguns to work hard and persevere through failure, the President said playing XBox would make them do socially unacceptable things, like speak Esperanto, and enjoy Jai alai.

Although he did phrase the admonishment in vage:  "I’ve talked about your parents’ responsibility for making sure you stay on track, and get your homework done, and don’t spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with that XBox."

Still. Jai alai. Weird stuff, man.

This isn't the first time O-Rocca's lambasted Microsoft's game console, however.

When he was but an Illinois senator, Obama wrote in Parade magazine "We need to set limits and expectations. We need to replace that video game with a book and make sure that homework gets done."

And he said as much to the American Medical Association this past June, which caused EA Games to throw down the pixelated gauntlet, albeit with a different gaming console.

"It may be time for the President and his family to put their Wii to good use," wrote Peter Moore, head of the EA sports division (and former Microsoft VP overseeing the XBox). "Fire up the 30-Day Challenge with EA SPORTS Active.  This is a 'game' even the President may not want to “step away” from."

Obama also told kids in the speech to watch what they put on Facebook.

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