Chicago Obama Drain Jumps The Pond

Susman reportedly to be named UK ambassador

The Obama drain on Chicago continues. And this one will cost us -- especially political candidates looking for money.

Lawyer and quintessential fundraiser Louis Susman is heading across the pond to serve as U.S. Ambassador to London, according to the Guardian of London.

It appears they're none too happy about the appointment by President Barack Obama.

"A little bit of Chicago's ruthless and combative political machine is soon to descend on the decorous calm of the Court of St James," says the first line of the story, describing Susman as a home town friend of the president.


Susman's name has been reportedly tossed around since February along with the likes of Caroline Kennedy and fellow-Chicagoan and Obama supporter Oprah Winfrey.

The appointment has not been officially confirmed but the paperwork is done and Buckingham Palace has approved it, according the Guardian.

Susman, 71, is a retired investment banker. His prolific fund-raising ability has helped Obama, Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Edward Kennedy as well as several cultural institutions in Chicago.

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