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Oak Park Residents Pledging $25 a Week to Help Restaurants Amid COVID Pandemic

A unique initiative underway to raise money through carry-out orders for the stores

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Restaurant owners face huge challenges due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but there is optimism in suburban Oak Park.

Organizers of “Takeout 25 Oak Park” tell NBC 5 if approximately half of Oak Park’s households spend $25 dollars a week on takeout, it would add up to $1 million to the pockets of area businesses.

Ravi Parakkat, who is a candidate for Oak Park trustee, figured out the math that he said could help local restaurants.

“If we can do that consistently through the winter then it gives them a mechanism to survive between now and spring,” said Parakkat.

Word of the initiative is spreading online. So far, more than 3,500 people have joined a Facebook page dedicated to boost the bottom lines of restaurants in the community.

“We are getting so many new customers every day and you know what, all these new customers are our regular customers now and they’re spending more than $25 a week,” said Shivangi Khetarpal, owner of the Wise Cup eatery.

Organizers said they hope other towns will hear about the initiative and be inspired to start their own groups.

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