Oak Park Considers Madison Street Makeover

Under a new proposal, Madison Street would be reduced to two lanes to make room for bikers and pedestrians

Oak Park is considering making more room for bikers and pedestrians by narrowing down one of its busiest streets.

A Chicago-based planning firm proposed a plan to Oak Park Village that would transform Madison Street into two lanes instead of four with a center turn lane, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The new changes would also leave room for bike lanes.

The Tribune reports people tend to speed on Madison Street to avoid the Eisenhower Expressway because traffic there is relatively light and consultants for the firm hope cutting it to two lanes would make people slow down.

Some Oak Park residents are skeptical about the plan, saying it would back up traffic.

The board is expected to vote on funding for the project next Monday, which is estimated to cost up to $17.3 million, according to the Tribune.

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