Oak Brook Librarians Turn to Teamsters

Village life gets tough

Even librarians need a little muscle sometimes.

So the head librarian of Oak Brook's public library - along with its children's librarian and a few others - has turned to the Teamsters for help in keeping their jobs.

Jimmy Hoffa is turning over in his grave and chuckling.

The librarians aren't talking, natch.

But everyone else is.

"We get good contracts for all kinds of professionals," Executive Director of Teamsters Joint Council 25 Brian Rainville told the Daily Herald.

The paper notes that Joint Council 25 represents 100,000 Chicago-area Teamsters "from pharmacists to zoo keepers."

The village says it's ready to negotiate, but likely through gritted teeth.

"They have given us petitions," Village Manager David Niemeyer told the paper. "Assuming they do become certified, we'll have to negotiate with them."

On the other hand, the village is already playing hardball.

"Don't cry crocodile tears about people who are making $100,000 a year wiping tables and putting books back on the shelves," anti-library activist Constantine Xinos told the DH - after ripping an 11-year-old at a village board meeting.

Hey Constantine, the Teamsters wanna know what size shoes you wear. No reason. Just sayin'.

Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture review.

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