Brothers Charged in Nykea Aldridge Murder Appear in Court, While Officials Seek Answers

The two brothers charged with Nykea Aldridge’s murder appeared in court Monday.

Police say Derren and Darwin Sorrells are documented gang members with criminal records.

“We absolutely have to do something about this gun violence in Chicago,” said Police Superintedent Eddie Johnson.

Johnson called the Sorrells brothers examples of why Illinois judges need the power to issue toguher penalites for repeat gun offenders.

“The way the system is set up now, pre trial, you spend more time in jail for retail theft than you do for a gun offence,” Johnson said.

Aldridge was the cousin to Bulls star Dwayne Wade. The 32 year old was enrolling one of her kids at a school when she was shot Friday. On Sunday, friends and family held a vigial, and demanded an end to gun violence.

“What is it doing to us?” asked Diane Aldridge. “It’s just destroying us day by day.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the Sorrells brothers had easy access to guns—and he’s looking for solutions.

“I’m interested in making sure our streets our safe, so when a mother is enrolling their children, they can do it,” he said.

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