NU Cancels Human Sexuality

Northwestern University students will no longer be able to learn about human sexuality from professor Michael Bailey.

The university has ended the popular Human Sexuality course that, for the past, 20 years has entertained and informed students because of a February demonstration that involved a motorized sex toy penetrating a female guest.

The university released this statement to the media:

"Northwestern University’s Department of Psychology will not offer a course in human sexuality during the 2011-12 academic year. That course was taught previously by Professor J. Michael Bailey, who will have other teaching assignments in the coming year. Courses in human sexuality are offered in a variety of academic departments in other universities, and Northwestern is reviewing how such a course best fits into the University’s curriculum. At Northwestern University, the dean of a college/school has the right and responsibility to determine course assignments."

Following the controversial event, Bailey was encouraged by university officials not to offer the class.

Psychology chair Dan McAdams says Bailey is the only one qualified to teach the class, so it will end. 

In the weeks and months following the incident, Bailey defended his actions but said he wouldn't make the decision to show a live sex demonstration again.

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