Now You Can Smell Like Chicago

Fragrance manufacturer plans to market Windy City's scent

What exactly is Chicago's essential aroma?

A cynic might say gasoline, smoke or even garbage, but a Chicago company plans to bottle the sweeter side of the city.

Perfume and cologne manufacturer Tru Fragrance and the City of Chicago are teaming up to create Tru Blooms Chicago First Harvest Limited Edition Eau de Parfum.

The women's perfume will be infused with a mixture of local plants and flowers to provide a distinctly  signature scent.

It's all part of a larger initiative to transform neighborhood green spaces into growing spaces for plant and flowers, a project underwritten by Tru Fragrance. Roses, lavender and violets will be planted in gardens and flowers beds in places like Grant Park and Chicago Botanic Garden’s Windy City Harvest, and cultivated by volunteers.

The fragrance will be available in three sizes on October 15th and will retail for between $15-$60.

Proof positive that Chicago is hardly the second city when it comes to smelling good.

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