Notre Dame Running Back Heads for Photo Fame

He may have been in the middle of a football game, but Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel was apparently ready for his close-up.

His helmet is off and he’s being thrown to the ground, yet McDaniel’s smiling eyes and effortless smirk have many wondering if he’s a model or just incredibly photogenic when he falls.

The model-material moment quickly became a viral meme as McDaniel was dubbed "the ridiculously photogenic football player."

“As far as I know, it’s a real photo,” McDaniel told TODAY from the Orange Room Friday. “I received it right after the game . To be completely honest, I found it a bit comical myself when I first saw it, (and I was) in a little bit of disbelief.”

But the moments may not be a rarity in his football career, at least that’s what he tweeted to Bleacher Report.

Unfortunately ladies, the man of steel is taken.

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