Be a Disabled Parking Cyber-Snitch

State wants you to rat out violators

If you're one of those jerks who parks in a disabled parking spot "just for a minute," even though you're in no way disabled -- you're about to get your just desserts.

Chicago police are cracking down on people who take advantage of the system.  Anyone who parks in a disabled spot without the proper placard or license plates -- or who uses them when they're not really disabled -- is likely to get a hefty fine.

As we saw Wednesday, even letting your trunk extend a couple of inches into a disabled-only spot on the street will get you ticketed.

When you park in one of those spots, it's not just about breaking the rules -- it's about making life harder for disabled people.

"I believe it's a violation of all laws of human decency for you to be able-bodied, but yet you ... take advantage of a program that's been set-aside for those in need," Secretary of State Jesse White said.

If you know about anyone who's taking advantage of the disabled parking system in any way, the state is encouraging you to file a complaint on their Web site,

Already more than 100 complaints have been lodged on the site, the Tribune reported.  One of those included a high school athlete who continued to use a disabled placard even after he'd recovered from knee surgery.  Misuse like that can result in a $500 fine and having your driver's license suspended.

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