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Hospitals Issue Warnings in Wake of Mob Attacks

Two physicians attacked within two weeks



    Hospitals Issue Warnings in Wake of Mob Attacks

    Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Lurie Children's Hospital security officials are asking staff to remain alert in the wake of two recent attacks on its physicians.

    One doctor was walking on Chicago Avenue about 10 days ago when he was confronted by a group and punched in the face, according to a security memo obtained by NBC Chicago. The memo said the physician was not seriously injured.

    In a similar attack Sunday on Dewitt Street, a group of young men and women passed another physician, punched him in the back, and used an object to strike his forehead. That physician was treated at the hospital's emergency department and released, according to the memo.

    Authorities say the attacks both occurred at around 10 p.m. and were physical attacks only.

    The attacks are among a series of similar mob-type incidents in the city.

    Northwestern and Lurie security officials have issued the following tips to keep workers at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and everyone else safe.

    • Walk in groups with a purpose whenever possible
    • Try to walk in well-lit areas with others
    • Have keys ready before entering a vehicle
    • If someone sees a large group of individuals in their path or walking toward them, they should try to walk in the other direction. They should then call 911if they need assistance or to report suspicious activity
    • Pay attention to surroundings. Refrain from walking with headphones or talking on a cell phone, which can take a person's attention of their surroundings.

    Officials also say if someone is confronted, they should remain calm, comply with demands for personal property, not attempt to intimidate or confront the attacker, and try to remember as much about the incident as possible, in addition to calling 911 immediately.

    Police have also said they plan to increase patrols along Michigan Avenue and the Lakefront.