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Northwestern Beefs Up Security After String of Campus Crimes

A show of force was visible on Northwestern's Streeterville campus Thursday night in the wake of several violent robberies in the area.

The university announced that it's adding a significant number of security officers on campus after the string of campus crimes starting back in June.

"I mean, I appreciate them doing that and taking strides toward helping us out and supporting us," said business student Melissa Minkow.

The most recent robbery happened Tuesday-- in a parking garage elevator in the 200 block of East Huron Street.

Over the weekend--a law student was attacked at Superior and Fairbanks.

"I think it's just upsetting and unfortunate that the place we come to learn and work there's incidents happening," said medical student Smitha Sarma.

In August a Northwestern employee was robbed while boarding a bus in the 400 block of East Huron Street.

And there have been two robberies in this parking garage in the 300 block of East Erie Street.

Especially I'm concerned because it's parking lots near the hospital and this is where patients and families are coming," Sarma said.

Security now has a visible presence at busy intersections throughout campus and additional guards are stationed in parking garage lobbies, elevators and on each floor.

Police staffing will be increased during key shift-changes at Northwestern Hospital and escorts will be available to members of the campus community.

"I think it's great they're taking measures to improve security and we can all do our part as well just being a little more vigilant and looking out for each other," Sarma said.

Students say the robberies are unusual for Northwestern but the school's response is not.

"I really love this school for everything it does," Minkow said.

Northwestern held three town hall meetings Thursday to tell the campus community about the security changes. There will be three more meetings Friday at noon, 4 and 5 p.m.

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